Lean Six Sigma Software built to support improvement teams

Lean six sigma software is designed to help teams systematically move through the five steps of DMAIC. The idea is similar to wizard software that helps you set up your project plan or helps you create your business plan, this is planning software for lean six sigma improvement teams. You can draw your process flow chart, identify problem areas and look for improvement opportunities.

Faster process improvement

Lean Six Sigma software is an efficient tool, helping cross functional problem solving to apply and deliver results that are clear and effective to management. Lean Six Sigma Software delivers faster process improvement. The software guides people through the DMAIC process avoiding diversions. It focuses the team on the issues and not the people.

The lean six sigma software is completely online and available to you when you purchase the lean six sigma black belt training course. Lean six sigma black belt certification is about being able to apply lean six sigma in a real world environment. The lean six sigma software is a powerful tool helping you achieve more - faster!

Is your improvement programme limited by the number of greenbelts and black belts available? Manage more improvement teams with lean six sigma software. With Lean Six Sigma software, teams don't need the full time assistance of a green or black belts facilitators. Your lean six sigma experts can now concentrate on more complex projects that need their expertise.

Speed up the rate of improvement and create more robust solutions with lean six sigma software. software for lean six sigma is unique. No other software package captures the DMAIC steps so successfully. It was created from our experience of running successful improvement projects and has been successfully used by multiple teams to build effective solutions. In many cases the team reaction is that it encouraged a "more holistic solution" and "encouraged team members to think outside the box". When you use lean six sigma software, it is possible to speed up the roll out of lean six sigma and improve the robustness of solutions.:

Remember, the ideas generated in one improvement project can often assist other teams working on similar opportunities.


  • Faster transaction time
  • Identify the obstacles that impact on cycle time and create consensus solutions that are easier to implement.
  • Improve customer service metrics
  • Look at the factors influencing customer services and how they can be managed
  • Cut down on rework
  • Identify the sources os rework and put the solutions in place that reduce the waste of resources.

The Lean Six Sigma software is particularly useful for teams with less experience in Lean Six Sigma. It moves the team quickly from scoping out the improvement opportunity and onto solution planning. It acts as a guide for the improvement team while enabling management to see the progress and trace the logic in decision making.

Lean Six Sigma Training:

  • Discover how to apply lean six sigma principals in a team environment
  • Learn how to quickly move from problem to action plan
  • Achieve lean six sigma certification
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